With Hurricane Irma continuing its path towards the US and Florida, specifically, we wanted to advise all of our valued clients with the first of what is sure to be numerous updates over the coming days. While forecasts over the last 24 hours show Irma moving well east of our Florida data center locations, we want to communicate our preparation for the storm and how to best reach us for support and updates during Irma’s Florida impact.  
First, please know that the TPA1 and TPA2 data centers are reinforced concrete buildings built to withstand the severest of weather.  Should we lose utility power at either of the Tampa facilities they will fail-over to the UPS systems and diesel generators.  The fuel tanks for each of the generators have been topped off and additional fuel is being stored at each data center. Refueling vendors are on call and ready to deliver additional fuel should the need arise. Either data center can run on generator power for at least a week before needing to be refueled.  Our Technical Support staff will be, as always, on-site working around the clock throughout the storm maintaining our customer needs.
We ask that you to follow GeekGhost on Twitter as this would be the fastest and easiest way to communicate any ongoing updates.  We kindly ask that any non-emergency support requests be held until Tuesday afternoon. 
Currently, Hurricane Irma is expected to impact Florida starting Sunday and throughout Monday.  We will continue to monitor Irma’s path closely and update you throughout the week and weekend as things progress.

Thank you!

The GeekGhost Admin Team

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