Jan 4th EU Cluster Network Issues

Greetings!We're seeing some timeouts from some locations to certain servers in the EU cluster. We've confirmed that the cluster is onine and all nodes are responding from our monitoring system. This appears to be a ntwork issue with one of the providers coming out of the EU. We're working on re-routing now.Thank you.The GeekGhost Admin TeamUpdate ... Read More »

Dec 7th MySQL Upgrade on Shared Servers

Greetings!Over the next few days we'll be running upgrades to mysql on all shared servers. Our testing didn't show any trouble with the upgrade for the majority of Web ites.If you are running a very old site that has not been updated for a while you may have some errors with your site after this upgrade.If this is the case, please open a support ... Read More »

Nov 22nd Tampa Latency

We're seeing some routes in to Tampa with packet loss.

Our network team is working on re-routing away from the problem provider.

You may experience sporadic timeouts while this is remedied.

Thank you!

UPDATE 2:11 PM EST : Services are returned to normal and all sites and servers are responding normally now.

Nov 9th Amsterdam Timeouts

We're seeing some sporadic timeouts coming out of Amsterdam affecting some VPS nodes and are investigating further now.

We will provide a further update as soon as we know more.

UPDATE : 06:08PM EST : Service should be returning to normal within the next few seconds. There was an issue with an upstream provider which has since been resolved.

Sep 10th Arlo2 Timeouts

- We're seeing some latency and timeouts from Arlo2. We're working on resolution now.

UPDATE 8:55PM EST : Service to Arlo2 is now back to normal.

Jul 10th Issues in EU

We're seeing some issues with servers in The Netherlands. Aya and some VMs are currently affected. We're working on resolution.

8:40 PM EST: Issue resolved and Aya is back online. All servers affected are also back online.

Jul 5th Troubles In Amsterdam - RESOLVED

We're seeing some timeouts at one of the Amsterdam Data Centers. Remote hands are investinagting now and we'll update you shortly.02:23 AM ET: We're seeing a massive attack to a node in the Amsterdam DC that is affecting a few clients. Network engineers are working on mitigation and we hope to have this resolved here shortly.3:52 AM EST: Attack ... Read More »

Jun 20th DNS Server Updates

We're seeing igns of failure from our central DNS server. This server serves the ns3 and ns4 nameservers.Please check your nameserver config at your registrar and make sure you are using all the nameservers from your welcome email to avoid any downtime. There are 4 total nameservers to use listed in your welcome email.Our NS3 nameserver needed to ... Read More »

Jun 3rd Client Portal Updates


We'll be performing some updates to our client portal over the next 4 days. If you notice the desk being unavailable during that time, it would only be for a few minutes and we ask that you kindly try again after a few minutes.

Thank you!

May 17th Troubles in Amsterdam

We're seeing some timeouts on some servers in Amsterdam. We're looking further at this now.08:25 AM EST UPDATE: We're seeing all servers in the Amsterdam data center timing out and are working with the network techs on site to determine the cause of failure.08:38 AM EST UPDATE: We've isolated the issue and are working on resolution now. Servers ... Read More »

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