Jun 20th Emergency Morty2 Mysql Update


Morty2 is undergoing an emergency MySQL update. The process should only take a few minutes during which databases may lose connectivity.

Jun 19th Roscoe Mysql Upgrade

Roscoe will be upgraded to MySQL 5.6 in the coming days.

If you see any issues with your site after the upgrade, please let us know.

Thank you!

Jun 19th Arlo2 MySql Upgrade

Arlo2 will be upgraded to MySQL 5.6 in the coming days.

If you see any issues with your site after the upgrade, please let us know.

Thank you!


We're seeing some VPS nodes in Tampa reporting timeouts. We're currently invstigating.

UPDATE 08:10 PM EST : All nodes have been restored and all services are now responding normally.

Mar 28th Migrations!

Greetings!Over the next few days, we'll be upgrading Roscoe, Arlo2 and Morty2 to newer, faster servers with SSDs and faster processors. We will be migrating users within the next few days.Our techs will open a ticket when we're going to move your site so we can establish a best time to do so for your individual site. Please note that there is no ... Read More »

Mar 15th Updates to Client Portal over the next 48 hours

We will be performing updates to the client portal over the next 48 hours. While we do not anticipate any major downtime for the client portal, there may be moments while it is sluggish while we finish up.

Mar 9th Tampa Data Center PDU Failure

We just started getting alerts of issues out of the Tampa data center. We will more updates as they become available.UPDATE: 08:35 PM EST : A PDU has failed in the rack where several servers are located. This is currently being replaced by data center technicians.UPDATE: 08:44 PM EST: Servers are starting to come back online now as the PDU ... Read More »


If you are still using WordPress version less than 4.7.2, then update immediately. There's a severe WordPress security vulnerability found by Sucuri (and fixed in WP 4.7.2 version). More details here and here.If Wordpress is not updated we will do so and will not be held responsible for any issues to your site caused by the update. Read More »

Jan 20th ROSCOE - Server Issues

Greetings!We're investigatng isues on server Roscoe now and will update this post as soon as we have more details or theissue is resolved.The GeekGhost Admin TeamUpdate 01:16 PM EST : Roscoe was reboted and sites are currently loading. We're still looking a the cause of the issue.Update 01:38 PM EST : The cause of the creash was found and Roscoe ... Read More »

Jan 4th EU Cluster Network Issues

Greetings!We're seeing some timeouts from some locations to certain servers in the EU cluster. We've confirmed that the cluster is onine and all nodes are responding from our monitoring system. This appears to be a ntwork issue with one of the providers coming out of the EU. We're working on re-routing now.Thank you.The GeekGhost Admin TeamUpdate ... Read More »